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Wagar Hickman commissioned a graphic artist to design this, now copyrighted, pelican. The pelican is the Louisiana state bird and its wings represent a mother protecting her flock, much like the way Wagar Hickman guides and protects their clients through all legal matters concerning personal injury & medical malpractice

Products Liability

Our Product Liability Attorneys Offer Experienced Legal Counsel and Defense

One of our partners, Chip Wagar, was involved in the creation and passage of the Louisiana Products Liability Act (LPLA) of 1986, and has lobbied the state legislature on behalf of the manufacturing and maritime industries.

Our firm has represented major manufacturers in cases ranging from multimillion-dollar turbine failure cases to more routine personal injury claims before state and federal courts in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Please contact our New Orleans office to discuss your legal needs with an experienced products liability defense lawyer.

We understand how much is at stake in these cases. Our overriding priority in products liability defense litigation is to effectively contain and resolve the potentially catastrophic losses that may occur in a personal injury, wrongful death class action or business interruption lawsuit.

Products liability defense is an expert-intensive area of practice. Our firm has the experience, resources and access to independent experts necessary to provide immediate guidance and assistance to management on the ground. Employing our skills and resources may help minimize or prevent major losses in litigation regarding alleged design or construction defects and warnings or warranty issues.

We concentrate on winning the vital points and focusing our efforts on matters that have the greatest impact on our client's resources and the outcome of the case. We also have built a solid reputation for exposing claims based on junk science and successfully excluding evidence under the Daubert standard.

Insurers may come and go, but Wagar Hickman, LLP remains the counsel of choice for manufacturers whose reputation and product integrity are on the line. Please contact us today to discuss your immediate and long-term needs with an experienced products liability attorney.