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Wagar Hickman commissioned a graphic artist to design this, now copyrighted, pelican. The pelican is the Louisiana state bird and its wings represent a mother protecting her flock, much like the way Wagar Hickman guides and protects their clients through all legal matters concerning personal injury & medical malpractice

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

If a contentious dispute, accusation, or liability issue is threatening your business, a commercial litigation lawyer at Wagar Hickman, LLP can provide experienced legal support. When representing your business, our attorneys will draw upon years of experience and work tirelessly for the best possible results.

Commercial Contract Disputes

Our lawyers can assist with virtually all types of commercial contract disputes, including those involving contractual indemnity claims and breach of warranty for products and services. Fortunately, we can often resolve these disputes through skilled negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, which can include the handling of emergency court injunctions.

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